Dress the Food

    Let's define what kinds of sauces we know. According to the base of dressings they can be sauces on a meat soup, diary sauces, sour cream sauces, sauces with flour. There are a lot of dressings in the world kitchen, but the most popular today is bechamel. First it was mentioned in 1651 and it is easy to cook. Flour and butter is fried with adding milk and salt. Every housewife can make it at home. There are a lot of variations on the base of bechamel. You can add grated cheese or dairy cream. And all this versions are also called bechamel. Usually the most popular dish for bechamel is lasagna. The next popular dressing is veloute or white sauce. It is as much popular as bechamel. It is cooked on the base of chicken soup with adding fat, flour, paper and salt. Veloute is served with poultry meat or fish or it is used as the base for making others sauces. Espagnole or red sauce is also popular French dressing. It is one of the basic sauces in the French kitchen. For making espagnole you should fry the flour in the fat, but more intensively than veloute more than an hour that to get dark red color of the sauce. Then you should add veal soup and boil it for making it heavy bodied and espagnole is ready. Usually it is served with pork, lamb and beef. One more popular all over the world is mayonnaise sauce. All of us like it and almost everything we are used to eat with this invention of some French chef. Usually it is cooked from salad oil, eggs, mustard, vinegar, lemon juice, sugar and salt. There are a lot of versions of origins of mayonnaise, but all they say that it was called after the French town Mahon. Today people rare cook mayonnaise at home, because there are a lot of different kinds of mayonnaise in markets and stores. There is one more popular sauce that came from Mexico. Of course it is tomato sauce or ketchup. It has a long history. Mexican people used to cook it from mashed tomatoes and red paper. But when it came to Europe, there were added olive oil, garlic, onion and different condiment like parsley, oregano and sweet basil. There are a lot of different kinds of ketchup that we all like to add to the food and of course we can buy it in stores too. I described only the most famous and favorite sauces, but on the real fact there is hundreds o sauces and food dressing in the world kitchen and all of them were invented thanks to people's fantasy.