Cooking is his Forte

    My friend Jeremy is a very funny and good person. I met him when I studied at the University. We were room mates. We studied together at Law school but he dreamed to become a chef. He cooked magnificent. He used to spoil me with different delicious food. Especially wonderful he cooked my favorite lasagna with my favorite sauce bechamel. And as for his cinnamon buns, they were more delicious than even my grandmother cooked. I have never thought what to eat today we had a full fridge with delicious stuff. So, I can say, I have been fortunate in that respect, although I can't forget some unpleasant moment. It was when I and Jeremy have fallen in love with the same girl. Her name was Miranda. She was unbelievable girl with long curly hair. My heart was sinking when I saw her bright eyes and wonderful smile. I thought she was my sole mate. But unfortunately Jeremy thought the same way. No one of us wanted to give up. Our contest for Miranda's heart was lasted about two months. But this short period was a real fight. We were ready fight by fair means or foul. Once upon a time I finally could deserve a date with Miranda. I saved her pretty kitten from a big dog and she decided to thank me with going outside. I was prepared to the event very thoroughly. But Jeremy prepared too. He had a detailed plan to disrupt my date. And for this purpose he used his skills in cooking. It was something I didn't expect. That day he cooked lunch as usually. It was pasta or something like that I don't remember details. But I perfectly remember that he served with pasta garlic dressing in stead of pesto. He cooked the food so masterfully that I even didn't mention at first that there was garlic. But Miranda could mention it. I have never been so embarrassed than that day. And my date with the girl of my dream was failed as Jeremy planned. Thanks God he put garlic in the sauce but not purgative. Of course, I made some tricks to Jeremy too, but it turned out he was more inventive than I. As I said our fight lasted not so long because while we were busy contesting with each other some fellow Stefan took the lead and stole the girl under our noses. But even this unpleasant situation can't spoil my friendship with funny and good person Jeremy who could cook any food from nothing.